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Chevy Safety: Protecting Children From Backover Injuries


In September, tragedy struck our Olathe community as an 18-month-old boy was accidentally backed over and killed in his driveway. But his heartbreaking story is not rare; every week 50-plus children are backed over by vehicles in America.  

In an effort to reduce or altogether eliminate these catastrophes, the Department of Transportation mandated a rule that states all new vehicles must be equipped with standard rearview cameras. Chevrolet stepped up to that plate years ago and is now offering even more safety systems to hopefully prevent rollover and backover accidents from occurring.  


Rear Vision Camera 

The average blind zone behind a vehicle is nearly 25 feet. You can twist and turn your neck all you want, but you simply can’t see everything behind your vehicle, which is one major reason why backover deaths and injuries happen. 

As you reverse, Chevy’s high-definition rear vision camera will display a live feed onto the vehicle’s touchscreen display. You get a wide-angle view of the area, up to the centimeter of your bumper. Guidelines give you the pinpoint accuracy needed to park, as well.  

Surround Vision 

When you’re parking, traveling at low speeds, or backing out of your driveway, the available Surround Vision technology acts as your all-seeing eye. Four strategically placed cameras give you a complete view of your vehicle and its surroundings, so you can have confidence from front to back and left to right. 

Rear Park Assist 

Available on select new Chevy models, Rear Park Assist uses built-in ultrasonic sensors to detect stationary objects while you back up. Should an object be too close—like a forgotten stroller or pack-and-play—the system will let off warning beeps. 


Rear Seat Reminder 

Although not directly related to rearview safety or anti-backover protection, Chevy’s patented Rear Seat Reminder is a parent’s best friend. When the second-row door is opened and closed, the vehicle’s built-in warning system automatically activates. When you complete your trip, you’re notified to check the back seats for kiddos. 


Rear Camera Mirror 

Available on models like the Chevrolet Traverse, the innovative Rear Camera Mirror acts as a standard rearview mirror as well as a comprehensive rearview video screen. Simply flip the tab below the mirror to activate or deactivate the video feed.  

Safety Alert Seat 

Reaction times vary, but sometimes even the fastest draws in the West can’t brake in time to avoid an accident. Chevrolet’s Safety Alert Seat gives the driver a vibrating jolt when a collision or accident is imminent.  

Stay Safe. Drive Chevy. 

Parents everywhere cringe at the thought of their children being injured by a vehicle—and it’s even worse when they realize that over 70% of rollover accidents are caused by negligent family members. In a perfect world, terrible stories like the one out of Olathe are nonexistent. We don’t yet live in that perfect world, but Chevy is taking a step in the right direction with its newest safety features.  


To learn more about Chevrolet safety, contact your closest Kansas City Chevy dealer. You can reach the McCarthy Chevrolet team at 913-324-7200 to speak with an expert. Stay safe! 



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